Curveball Fullscreen


Curveball is a fun and thrilling game that always leaves you wanting to play more. There are different versions of Curveball; these versions are available at different websites. Each version is better than the last. You can play Curve Ball and Curveball 2. Curveball is an update of the popular game Pong and has rapidly gained popularity amongst gamers. Now various websites are offering Curveball game play in full screen. You can play the 3D high tech game on full screen, enabling maximum performance.

Click Here to play Curveball in Fullscreen

Curveball full screen is the same game just in full screen. By enabling it in full screen mode you have the ability to see clearer spot and every detail easily. You can also stay more focused on the ball as it is the main objective of the game: to save the ball and prevent it from falling. If you lose the ball you lose your life, you start out with 3 lives and if all 3 are lost then you have to start from the beginning.

You can earn bonuses if you play good shots or attain a high score. Other than saving the ball you need to concentrate on achieving the highest score you possibly can. This is not s easy as it sounds though. The further you advance in the game, the computer difficulty level increases, which at one point makes it impossible to beat the computer unless you have superman’s super reflexes! The game leaves all audiences amazed with its 3D graphics and sound effects. It’s not a first person shooter or action, adventure game its simplicity is its addiction. The only controls are the mouse. Left click to hit the ball, Curveball full screen offers the ability for the player to make curve shots unlike in its previous version Pong where you can only perform straight shots. Curve shots give you extra bonus points.

Curveball has gained a lot of success and is ranked one of the tops on E4. Find out for yourself and read the reviews of the players. The game will wake you up at night just because you know you earn a better score than last time and will keep you awake till you do it. Certain websites don’t offer full screen versions though but you can download the game and install on your PC. Once installed you don’t even need to have internet connection to play the game.

The game is already available for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows phone. The game is guaranteed not to leave you bored: kill your time and leave engrossed. Curveball is so seductive and addictive that it will never get old. Every time you develop new score, you will always try to set a new record. Gamers play for hours trying to set new records online and compete in between themselves. Every website has a top score that is reset every day so just imagine the level of competition this game draws! Try it out and see how high you can go.