3D Curveball

If you liked Pong and still play it then you will love 3D Curveball. It’s the big next thing since Pong which left gamers indulged in the game trying to set new records for hours on end. Pong has been updated into Curveball. In the old Pong, players had to save the ball from falling while scoring the highest amount of points they possibly can. Players were given 3 chances, once those 3 chances are gone its game over and back to level 1. Pong allowed players to shoot the ball in straight shots and was a 2D game, 3D Curveball is everything that Pong is and PLUS!

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Curveball is totally 3D and unlike Pong where you can only shoot single shots, it gives you the chance to perform curve shots and earn bonus points while you are at. The similarity between the two is the same objective like getting to score the most points while advancing on to different levels. Every level of 3d curveball offers a new experience for gamers. The opponent is the computer, same as in Pong.

With each advance in level the computer gets more and more difficult to beat. Then there comes a point where you need to be a super human in order to beat the computer. You can even download the game and play it in full screen mode where you concentrate more effectively on the ball and have the advantage of scoring more points as compared to the small screen size they offer on websites. Curveball is totally free both ways. You can either download or play online. It’s available on a vast number of websites.

The game has rapidly gained popularity and has become one of the most popular games on the internet. It is also ranked one of the best games on Gamespot. The game leaves gamers of all ages indulged in it and they can play it for hours on end without ever getting tired or bored. The game might look simple but its simplicity is its addiction that leaves players craving for more once they have tried it.

Curveball 2 is more exciting and has more features and perks then Pong and Curveball combined. This game like its previous version is also in 3D and they have the same controls. But Curveball has better graphics and there is better design of the levels. The objectives are the same to score as many points as you can. The bonuses offered in Curveball 2 are way better and give you the chance to score higher points. You can also easily get a new life which reduces your chance of losing and makes the game is easier than its previous version. Just because you get extra lives easily does not mean that computer will have mercy on you. Once past level 7 it’s luck and skill that keeps you from losing and advancing, practice makes perfect. Try out Curveball and Curveball 2 and decide which one you like better but be warned the games will get you addicted.