Curveball 2

If you ever played Pong on the computer then you know how addicting and fun that game was. Pong was then updated to Curveball. It’s the next level in Pong with full 3D display and the graphics change at every level you progress on to. It rapidly became one of the most popular games on the internet receiving applauding comments from all gamers that played this game. It is ranked one of the most popular games on Gamespot. Now there is an update to Curveball that has received skyrocketing results: Curveball 2.

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Like every other game in its series Curveball is fun and is the best way to kill time if you have nothing better to do, and even if you have something to do you will still want to play this game. The game is more addicting and better than Pong and Curveball combined. The objective in Curveball 2 is to survive and score the highest points. Take care of your blue balls and don’t let them run out or your game is over.


You are given 3 lives at the starting of the game and you have to protect these lives by not letting the ball fall. Each time you lose control of the ball you lose a life. Once all of your lives are gone its game over. You progress through different levels just like in Curveball. The game catches your attention and does not let you divert or digress to anything else. You will be so focused trying to score more points while protecting your lives and getting bonuses that you will lose track of time and everything else.

Like in any other Curveball game you face the computer which gradually increases in difficulty as you progress further and further onto the next levels. Curveball 2 has gained even more popularity than its former version. The designers’ hard efforts finally paid off in this version. The game consists of fewer glitches and offers better game play than the previous two. Curveball 2 offers better bonuses and is relatively easier than Curveball. The 3D graphic design is marvellous but the computer difficulty has decreased. But still it takes a whole lot of practice to reach past level 7 even on this game. The controls are the same as in Curveball, you have to play with your mouse and like in Curveball you have the ability to hit curve shots and score bonuses adding extra points to your score.

This game is the next big thing in the series. It offers what the last did not. People of all ages will enjoy playing this game and will crave for more in the end. You can play this game for hours on end and still not get bored. Its uniqueness is its simplicity. It’s so simple that everybody can understand and play it easily. But practice makes perfect and the more you practice on this game the better score you will get. Try out Curveball 2 and find out for yourself about the awesomeness it offers.