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Play the new Curve Ball game on 2021 version that works everywhere!

Curveball is an awesome game that is a favorite amongst all old and young. Once you play curve ball, you will get hooked on to it and will never leave it. It is a simple game which makes it more accessible to people of all ages. Moreover, because of its simplicity, kids and adults also enjoy it more as they can play it to relax. Yes, you can find other simple games like Sneak, Bubble Shooter, Scary maze game etc. However, these kind of games are not going to make your relax at all…

Curveball is essentially the 3D version of Pong which was also a very popular game. With curveball comes the full screen version as well as the 3D experience. You also get bonuses as you cross each stage.

Think you are good? Try to win the Gold medal challenge below!

Bronze medal challenge: 20,000 points
Silver medal challenge: 26,000 points
Gold medal challenge: 35,000 points

The game is about saving the ball for a maximum amount of time. The longer you are able to keep it, the harder it becomes which makes the whole process so much more exciting as well.

Curve ball HTML5 game will never fail to satisfy you. It is a short game which is another reason why people want to play it again and again. With other games that are long, it just gets boring and tedious. So play curveball and have a great time relaxing or even enjoying with your kids. You can play it on many websites online for free.

It also has 3 different versions: Pong, Curveball and Curveball 2. You may choose the one that you like the best or that you think matches your caliber. So, there is something for everybody. You may also try the other versions to experience their thrill because each gives a unique experience.

level 7

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