Curve Ball Game

Curve ball game is an excellent way to spend your time rather than being bored. It is one of the top ranked games in Gamespot and E4. The game is simple with simple controls, all you have to do is to play with your mouse and survive for the longest you can while passing levels and getting high scores doing it. The game is very popular over the internet and is available at various websites for free online play. Check out the highest scores other people reached and try to beat them.

The curveball game is an update of the original pong. In pong to have to stop the ball from falling, you can hit the ball with straight shots and the objective was to score the highest points. Bonuses were given for special shots. You had a set number of lives and if you lose all of them its game over. However, if you score enough bonuses you might even get lucky and be awarded a new life, that’s Pong.

The Curveball game is set in 3D and is much cooler, with futuristic designs and levels, the designers really did outdo themselves when they created this game. As you progress further onto the game the level designs change giving a much better look and the computer gets more difficult to beat. The highest score so far was up to level 11 where the computer gets so strong that you need extraordinary reflexes in order to beat it and progress onto the next level. Unlike in Pong where you can only hit straight shots, in Curveball you can hit curve shots and get bonuses while doing it.

The game is set against the computer who is your opponent. In the beginning it is easy to progress onto next levels but the more you move up the levels, the harder it gets. You have to control shots with your mouse. In comparison to other games Curveball is much easier and can be played by people of all age groups. Other games have complicated controls where you have to use the keyboard and mouse together and it takes time getting used to them but after 10 minutes of playing Curve ball game you will have figured out the whole game.

Go online and check out the game reviews for curve ball. You will find that people of all ages have left a comment and say that it’s THE game to play. The game is so simple and easy to understand that it leaves you addicted and you will always want to play more. The game is addiction, it challenges you at a mental level and you always know you can score higher the next time you play. Save lives, develop strategies and this game will not let you sleep at night. The only thing going on your mind when you play this game is Curveball and how to beat the computer. If you don’t believe me try and find out for yourself. GOODLUCK!